"The Poet Sings"

Tonight I sat in on a rehearsal for Conspirare's innovative "The Poet Sings" recital series of songs based solely on the poetry of Sister Emily Dickinson and it was incredibly moving. ‪#‎ATX‬, you have to make it out to this thing next Sunday. SonjaEric, and Michelle are bringing world-class artistry to an incredibly, thoughtfully curated program of music...and POETRY! It feels like an organic, Emily version of "Die Wintereisse," and I'm honored to have seen it in its nascent form tonight (and be on the program twice!).

I've known Sonja for years through my collaborations with Lorelei Ensemble and have marvelled at her artistry every time she works with our hometown Conspirare. Her rendition of "I cannot be ashamed" will inevitably bring tears to my eyes. I'm so excited to collaborate with Eric for the first time and his reading of "Bind me" is a master class of vocal colors and subtle characterization orbiting around virtuosic technique.

Make it to this concert, you guys. You will take something away from it.