We are stewards of the world around us and, in “There will come soft rain,” Sara Teasdale takes that notion and breaks it to us gently. In the first half of the poem she delicately paints a beautiful picture of a rainy night before she turns it around to kindly remind us to take care of the world we live in.

I adapted another Teasdale poem, “Twilight,” into the piece in order to fill out the imagery a bit.  It served to bring a first person point of view into the musical narrative and personalizes her reminder to use that nature laughs last.

This piece is one of four a cappella works which uses the seasons as its inspiration.  They can be performed starting on any of the movements as long as the cycle progresses in the cyclical order of the seasons.

Beth Beauchamp

Having worked as a professional musician, a music-educator, and the Executive Director of a number of non-profit arts organizations, Beth has over 10 years of experience in catering to the unique needs of artists. Beth believes that the talent, education, and skill-sets of her clients have inherent worth. As a passionate artist advocate, she aims to help her artists improve the quality of their own lives by encouraging them to honor the value of their own work, and by creating materials which allow them to champion their art with confidence. Equally interested in building community, Beth aims to create a roster of artists who are excited to support and collaborate together.